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Coffee Shops and GoDaddy Web Hosting Coupons

How the Right Merchandising Display Can Boost Your Profits and Turn Sippers into Buyers

best kona coffee - cafetasiaFrom coast to coast, fresh coffee is big business, and those highly caffeinated beverages are more popular than ever before. As the owner of an independent coffee shop, you have been front and center in the coffee revolution, watching happy customers stream into your store every day in search of their daily buzz.

Kona Coffee

Even rare boutique coffee selections like kona coffee are developing a powerful online presence. Coffee shops not only have to compete with each other, but they also need to compete with sites like this: konacoffeebeans.org/best-kona-coffee-100?

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These websites also present an opportunity for coffee shop owners: instead of creating an expensive website just to let people know your location and hours, you can sell products to consumers online through large merchants like Amazon and earn commissions. And with coupons available for web hosting, domains and the like, you can turn your coffee shop’s website from a liability to a money-earning asset. Here’s a good resource: http://vpscoupons.org/renewal-coupon-godaddy

But back on topic: with a little bit of creativity and some hard work, you can turn those daily sippers into eager buyers. Just imagine how your profits would soar if you sent every customer home with a pound of your fresh ground coffee or specially selected coffee beans. If everyone who bought a cup of coffee also bought some beans to take home, you could double your profits, enhance your brand image and grow the popularity of your local business.

Turning casual sippers into eager bean buyers may be easier than you think, and it all starts with the right merchandising. After all, your customers cannot buy your take-out coffee beans if they do not first know they are for sale.

If you want to sell more coffee, you need to create an engaging interior display that encourages your customers to linger and check out all the great things you have to offer. Visual merchandising is a vital marketing tool that every coffee shop owner should embrace.
Here’s an example of some eye-catching coffee shop displays: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/cafe-display/

While the exact design of that merchandising display will vary from shop to shop, there are some basic elements that any good coffee sale station should include. Those vital elements include:

. An eye-catching display of beans, ground coffee and other caffeinated offerings — It is not enough to throw a few prepackaged bags on the counter – think burlap sacks that look like they came straight from the field and a cup full of fresh beans. The aroma alone will draw your customers in.

. Attractive signage – Your coffee sale station should get the attention of customers as they enter and leave your shop. Make sure the signs are high quality, eye-catching and designed to get attention.

. Cleanliness and care – Setting up the sale station is just the beginning. You will need to keep it neat and tidy, replace sold items promptly and make sure everything looks great throughout the day.

. A display of coffee mugs, grinders, home brew equipment and other items for sale— You have a great opportunity to sell everything from coffee grinders to branded mugs, so take advantage of it.

. Pastries and other goodies – Fresh-baked cookies, cupcakes and pastries go great with coffee, so give your customers a chance to buy them on the way out. You want to make your customers hungry as well as thirsty.

If your coffee shop is only selling coffee, you could be missing out on a world of extra profits. Expanding your offerings to include branded mugs, fresh-baked pastries, fresh beans and ground coffee can boost your profits, help you build your brand and make your coffee shop the place to be.